In recent years, such style as "smart casual" has become especially of current interest among residents of big cities. Why smart casual is so popular? What does it include? And what makes smart casual style different from the usual casual style? "Smart casual" means first of all elegant casual wear. Smart casual style both for women and for men - it's a cross between the classic style and the free casual-style. Nowadays, it is officially the office dress code, and one can say with confidence that smart casual can be taken as a basis for any modern woman's and men's wardrobe. That is why a popular Italian fashion brand No.21( focuses exactly on the audience that would rather prefer such an interesting solution for everyday looks. The design team creates clothing and footwear, as well as various kinds of accessories and believes that there is no need to wear suits, ties, buttoned up shirts etc., in order to look amazing. Each thing in collections of the brand No.21 is distinguished by elegance and daintiness, which are characteristic features of smart casual style. It would be very hard to find ripped jeans or boyfriend jeans, or running shoes among the things that the brand manufactures. Each idea which is incorporated in its clothing demonstrates such principles of a real style, as, for example, how to wear jeans so that they look elegant.

The brand No.21 figures as a fashion couch which suggests the key aspects and basics of how modern young people could find their individual and unique style, full of independence, self-confidence and love for life. For example, in the brand's collections men can find such essential things as a shirt or a sweater with original prints, a sleeveless shirt, a jacket made of materials of different textures, which make it look extraordinary, jeans of a plain classical style etc. Also, one shouldn't forget about accessories - scarcely the main elements that are able to transform one look into a completely another one. For men, these are glasses, scarfs, neckerchiefs and other things.

For women, the style of smart casual should be based on a white shirt of the male type, pullover, waistcoat, jacket, straight dress, skirt, pencil, straight jeans, classical shortened trousers etc. Also, footwear is very important in creation of trendy looks. The fashion brand No.21 places the emphasis on the combination of different styles and trends of the world fashion: classic, grunge, casual, street style.

Among the characteristic features of the brand No.21, which was created in 2010 by Italian designer Alessandro Dell'Acqua, there are: unusual cuts, eclectic, flashy bright colors and bold, but always winning solutions and ideas for new goods. No.21 brand got its name on the birthday of the designer - 21 December. By the words of Dell'Acqua, he believes that this number is lucky for him. Anyway, No.21 has pretty quickly won the hearts of women and men all around the world. He gained such a smashing success and fame due to charming dresses made of lace, tulle and chiffon - dresses, in which every woman can feel like a real princess. Alessandro Dell'Acqua himself has repeatedly said that his main goal is creating clothing for those who feel ill at ease wearing jeans and T-shirts.

Current costume jewelry fashion trends you must consider

McQ Tshirt  costume jewelries are some of the most customized jewelries you can consider to get your outfit into perfection. Fortunately, Bella Freud has a wide range of costume jewelries to choose from, without stressing to make your choice. The Bella Freud website has different categories of seasonal and all-season costume jewelries in a wide range of colour, and design. Here are some of the current trending options as regards costume jewelries;

#1: Colour trends - The rich colours and bolder looks seem to be dominating the costume jewelry industry this season, these include the Amber, Amethyst, and Teal colours. While colours such as green and Olivine are becoming popular as neutral colours. While Gold colours are still as popular as usual, metallic options are becoming more popular also.

#2: McQ Alexander McQueen bold designs are becoming more dominating- It is important to note that fashion accessories will continue to thrive as long as they incorporate some new bold designs, especially those seen in the costume jewelry designs. Necklaces, earrings and bracelets are always in vogue; however, wooden accessories are becoming the newest bold designs .other materials such as gemstones are also providing the beauty of natural costume jewelry designs. This trend will definitely continue into the next season. It is important to make mention of the new and trending 48-inch and 60-inch ropes that are being worn as double or extended jewelries. Antique costume jewelry designs are also becoming popular, especially for special events such as weddings.

#3: Sequins and buttons- gone are those days when buttons and sequins are so small and hardly get seen on outfits, these days, and buttons are getting larger on all accessories (including handbags). You large sequins and buttons will remain in vogue for longer periods of times, and if you want to create an easily noticeable impression, make your costume jewelries have the same colour as the large button on your large bag. Bella Freud has made a remarkable accomplishment in helping men and women choose the best colour combination, when it comes to matching costume jewelries with the right accessories. 

#4: combining jewelries

Gone are the days when a single style of costume jewelry is used on outfits, these days, it is easier to combine jewelries. For instance, you can make a bold statement by combining a retro-style jewelry with rhinestone rare metal jewelry without creating any contrasting appearance. One of the good things about combining two different categories of jewelries is that it helps you create more attention, without confusing people. Whether you want a costume jewelry or rare earth metal jewelry, Bella Freud has got a wide range of collections to match your taste.

#5: costume jewelries are getting larger and bolder.

Costume jewelries used to be small, and many even hide them from the public glare, but one trending habit nowadays is that the users of such jewelries are getting bolder and more daring. Do not hesitate to invest on costume jewelries from Bell Freud, this season; they will make huge impact on your wardrobe.